Trans Fats

The government should be putting the shelf-life of humans ahead of the shelf-life of doughnuts. In 2004 the House of Commons passed my motion, calling on the government to admit trans fats were bad for people and to set up a task force to create regulations or legislation to limit trans fats. Ten years later, the Conservative government has refused to take any action to regulate trans fats in our food. This inaction is startling when you consider that Health Canada has estimated that regulating trans fats would save the health care system between $5 billion and $9 billion over 20 years, while the cost to the food industry would be around $200 million.

The Canadian public deserves better. I have introduced a private member’s bill to limit trans fatty acids to 2 grams for every 100 grams in foods intended for human consumption. Similar legislation has already been passed in Denmark to great effect.  

To follow the progress of Bill C-303, please click here



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